Contact Free, Safe Secure and Accurate Temperature Kiosk

Safe secure entry for offices and more.

Touchless Temperature Check for Gyms

Keep your business open and customers safe.

Get Back to Normal Life

Body temperature scanners are the easiest & safest way to keep employees & customers safe. Quickly & accurately detect the body temperature of employees & customers in 2-3 seconds

Contact FREE Accurate Temperature

Easy setup, contact less temperature check to keep you and your customers safe.

  • Accurate Temperature

    Contact Free, anonymous temperature check.

    Accuracy of +/- 0.03 C from a distance of  0.7M - 1m

  • Feature

    8 in Screen With NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4g & QR Code.

    Real-Time Temperature Display & Flexible Integration With Access Control

  • Hassle Free Setup

    No internet connection needed. Works online & offline.

    Simple plug and play set up.

  • Commercial Grade

    Durable, commercial-grade hardware.

    Built-in speakers provide verbal alerts.

Free Standing Temperature Sensor

These kiosks are designed to help prevent virus spread and maintain a healthy environment for your employees, associates, visitors and the general public. 

Desk-Top Temperature Sensor

Designed as a high-tech access control measure, our kiosks are ideal for use on entry to healthcare settings, supermarkets and retail shops, factories, transport hubs, office buildings, schools and universities and more.

Simple Safe, Temperature Check